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Appli­cation of BAXERO® in the swimming pool, pool and spa

In the pool and spa area, the risk of micro­bial contami­nation through a continuous microbial exposure is especially high.

Due to water dis­infec­tion with BAXERO®, we can offer a healthy and unforget­table bathing experience without any chlorine scent and with­out any irri­tation to the eyes or mucus membrane.

BAXERO® ensures a perma­nently impeccable quality of the water.The water is markedly softer, has a special sheen and contri­butes to the bathers’ and staff’s health pro­tection.

Swimming Pool

No Bac­terial Con­ta­mi­nation plus

  • water saving due to use of fil­trate
  • eradi­cation of bio­films
  • pH-neutral
  • non-toxic
  • confor­ming to Oecd Mono­graph ENV/JM/MONO(2012)15
  • confor­ming to DIN 19643
  • abandon­ment of hazar­dous sub­stances (sub­sti­tution re­quire­ment, BGIA, DGUV, GefStoffV. §1 Abs. 3 und 4)
Pool and Spa

After 30 seconds germ free

Baxero® achieves a pollution free appli­cation far below the recom­mended DIN-values due to a mini­misation of chlorine values – with a consi­derably higher dis­infection effect.

This means: strongly contamina­ted water samples show an end colony amount of 0 KBE/mleven after just 30 seconds!

Project: Ried­stadt Goddelau converts!

Following a test run in 2012, Riedstadt, the swimming pool in Goddelau, converts to pollution free dis­infection with BAXERO® in situ in 2013. The first swimming pool with the dis­infection method of tomorrow!

Bathing seasons 2011 and 2012

In 2011, approx. 14,500 bathers visited the swimming pool, 2012 it was approx. 17,700.

Bathing season 2013 with BAXERO®

In the bathing season of 2013, 26,727 bathers visited the swimming pool operated with BAXERO®-dis­infection!

This result for 2013 is even more pleasing when we consider that these numbers have been achieved on fewer opening days thanin the previous years.