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Guaranteed Efficacy

Regular efficacy tests confirm: Due to the complete bio­film eradi­cation, a guaran­teed efficacy is achieved without hazardous and toxic substances, even under less than optimal con­ditions!

Conform with Regu­lation


The micro­biological values of drin­king water dis­infected with BAXERO® is con­form with the demands of the latest drin­king water regu­lation. Extensive labo­ratory tests by inde­pendent insti­tutes guarantee optimal quality of your drin­king water.

The Micro­biological Back­ground

Drinking water has to be suitable for its inten­ded use according to IfGS.

The transport chain, the delivery route of the drin­king water, tanks, tankers or pipe­lines can be a problem. Supported by the rules and proce­dures for drin­king water only a certain amount of micro­organisms may be permissible. In phases of stagnation, micro­organisms settle, grow, multiply and create biofilms. These bio­films, in turn, emit micro­organism that re-conta­minate the drinking water rendering it unsafe for human consumption.

Simple Tech­nique – Enormous Efficacy

With a dosage exactly adjusted to your usage, the entire drin­king water can be efficiently dis­infected directly from the con­nection to the house. Cold and warm water strains will be gently deconta­mi­nated of bio­film over several weeks and be kept free from contami­nation with constantly renewed dosage.

Since the multi­plication of micro­organisms in the drin­king water is prevented with BAXERO®, the supply temperature of the drin­king water can often be reduced by several degrees. This is easy on the purse and the environ­ment.

Micro­bial Decontami­nation Plus

  • eradi­cation of bio­films
  • pH-neutral
  • non-toxic
  • is conform with TringkwV 2018
  • DVGW W290
  • Abandonment of hazar­dous substances (substitution re­quire­ment, BGIA, DGUV, GefStoffV. §1 Abs. 3 und 4)