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BAXERO® in Industry

Thanks to our experience with industrial pro­cesses we can support you with our so­lutions in process water dis­infection.

Micro­bial Decon­tami­nation Plus

  • eradi­cation of bio­films
  • abandonment of hazardous substances (substitution require­ment, BGIA, DGUV, GefStoffV. §1 Abs. 3 und 4)
  • pH-neutral
  • non-toxic
Environ­ment & Respon­sibility


The pH-neutral dis­infec­tant BAXERO® proves itself in the indus­trial usage with its efficacy and sim­plicity in operation.

BAXERO® meets the regu­lations according to IfSG and the Trinks2001. The agent is listed under the 2nd decree §11 2012 part Ic and part III (see p. 21).

BAXERO® is DIN-conform as well as approved for Kosher and Halal require­ments.

Process Water

In order to avoid human pathogens in the process water,the injection of BAXERO® via a modern dosage technique into the system is recommended. The measure­ment is completed with ORP by con­sidering the guide value.

An individual advice regarding the directed deployment of BAXERO® by our specialist personnel will give you and your customers the desired­assurance.

Oppor­tuni­ties for Appli­cation & Areas

BAXERO® can be deployed in the dis­infec­tion of various areas: water meters, cooling towers, sewage works, glass processing, animal husbandry, tank cleaning, plant culti­vation, and many more ...