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Our Team

Your contact partner Hydro­biomed Germany

Volker Scheu

Managing Direc­tor

E-mail: frk@hydrobiomed.de

From the very beginning Hydro­biomed has been led by Volker Scheu in his capacity of a managing associate.

Karin Frank

Assistant to the Manage­ment

E-mail: frk@hydrobiomed.de

The soul of the com­pany. As the assistant to the manage­ment the proxy was conferred to her in 2013.

Jutta Gräf

Accountancy Manage­ment

E-mail: grj@hydrobiomed.de

Looks after all the aspects of accountancy. She has a jolly nature and likes to spoil the team with homemade cakes and other delicacies.

Alexander Frank

Tech­nical Director

E-mail: fra@hydrobiomed.de

He coordinates and plans the personnel place­ment and looks after clients regar­ding questions as to product and facili­ties. A rock in the surge he stays calm come what may.

Azim Mir

Manage­ment of Inter­natio­nal Market De­velop­ment

E-mail: info@hydrobiomed.de
Phone: +49 (0) 6241 / 90 99 90

Our charismatic globe­trotter combines affability with compe­tence. Enjoy meeting him as do we.