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Baxero® – So much more than an Alterna­tive

In contrast to existing dis­infection methods, BAXERO® manages to era­dicate bio­films completely.

The labo­ratory Lagotec has developed a test that is currently seen as the hardest cri­terion for testing bio­films. It was shown that BAXERO® had measurably reduced the bio­film after just one day. After a week, the bio­film was already reduced by 90% - after two weeks it had completely gone!


The biofilm comprises a number of different germs and has to be under­stood as a living organism. The micro­organisms are embedded in a peptido­glycan layer that protects against the common dis­infectants and isolates from heat treat­ment. The conta­mination occurs in warm and cold water strains.


Legionella are an invisible danger. Once embedded in the bio­film, the germs become increasingly resis­tant. The only solution: the complete eradi­cation of the bio­film. BAXERO® offers micro­biological protection with permanent appli­cation and with­out any re-conta­mination risk.


The eradi­cation of the bio­film due to the appli­cation of BAXERO® is the first step for a sustainable treatment stra­tegy for your water.

We will help you to develop a sustainable treatment plan.

Environment friendly & free of hazardous substances
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The Advantages of BAXERO®

  • Water dis­infection with depot effect
  • Complete eradi­cation of bio­films without the usage of hazardous substances and heat treat­ment
  • Gentle on resources due to low appli­cation concen­tration
  • Health pro­tection for operators and users
  • Legionella control even in cold water strains
  • No toxicity
  • Free from hazardous substances and pH-neutral
  • No known resis­tances
  • 1% carbon foot­print CO2-eq com­pared to exis­ting sodium hypo­chlorite products
  • Suitable even in cases of chlorine hyper­sensi­tivity

Legal Regulations

BAXERO® does, of course, meet all relevant legal regulations:

  • Infection Pro­tection Act IfSG 2000
  • Drinking water direc­tive 2001, 2012, §11
  • OECD Mono­graph ENV JM MONO (2012) 15
  • DIN 19643
  • DVGW AB W290
  • Substitution require­ment (BGIA)

Biofilm depletion – danger and pollution free

The test of the labo­ratory Lagotec in Magde­burg is to date known as the hardest criterion because they work with a natural bio­film rather than an arti­ficial mono­layer. The test has shown unequi­vocally that BAXERO® is able to completely deplete biofilms.

The illustration regarding the Lagotec test shows the untreated sample with the red line and the appli­cation of BAXERO® with the blue line