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The System

The in situ pro­duction of BAXERO® ensures immediate product availabi­lity at highest efficacy.

The pro­duction of the premium product BAXERO® takes place with the natural raw materials water and salt. It is pro­duced at lo­cation with a rentable system that has been designed to be extremely user friendly.

No expert staff is necessary to operate the system.


A finely tuned recipe and the latest system technique ensure a constant and effective dis­infection.

The process of tech­nology is continuously opti­mised in view of eco­logical and eco­nomical aspects. The energy use for the pro­duction of BAXERO® is minimised. Premium and reusable material from regional suppliers and producers is utilised.


  • PLC-control
  • Touch­screen-operation
  • Remote servicing
  • Remote reading


The system for the pro­duction of BAXERO® has been tested as to safety by TÜV-Süd (certificate no: 1947682-1) and certi­fied by Halal (Cert. no: 786135 13-009.125; Cert. no: 786135 13-010.126) and Kosher (Cert.no: DE-20140522.1).

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